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M & K Villalobos


My fiancé & I completed the Marriage Prep Course provided by Mandi on Zessio and sincerely enjoyed it. Although we have been together over 3 years, and living together 2 out of those years (which these topics are covered in the course), we still felt that the course was extremely beneficial. One of our favorite parts was rediscovering Our Why’s and the things that we have been able to overcome thus far. Mandi’s course was so smooth, easy to work through, and we did it all in one night.

Laura J


I love how this course is set up in bite-size pieces! It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. I lost my place at one point and was able to navigate back to where I left off very easily. That was really awesome. I learned SO MUCH from this course! I actually want my partner to complete this course as well. I think it would be really beneficial for him and our relationship. I recommend this to anyone who is struggling with conflict and disconnection as a result of it!



I have enjoyed being able to do this course on my own as I also work through a lot of these challenges in couples therapy. It is helpful for me to have time to reflect and process why I react the way I do in my relationship. I am sharing this course with my family as we all could communicate better with one another – and this course would help us learn how to do so.

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