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joining forces with Zessio to increase access to mental health care resources.

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Peer Growth Opportunities

Diversify Your Practice

Compensation for Expertise

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Issues That Are Limiting Individual Growth Around Mental Health Care.

There is no single right answer

When it comes to MENTAL health care.

That's Why We Created Zessio.

Partner with Zessio & start making a difference.

4 Ways

we're increasing access to metal health resources.

Expand Your Reach

Provide mental health resources, such as courses and workbooks, to those who may not benefit from them otherwise, whether due to discomfort, affordability, geographic location, and/or systemic marginalization of access. Join Zessio's mission of increasing access to resources and reaching wider audiences with made-for-you marketing tools.

Diversify Your Practice

Step outside of the restricted box of hourly sessions and local-only audiences. Zessio makes it easy to create and deliver courses to members, your waiting lists, and others so you can make a difference and earn additional revenue—24/7.

Peer Growth Opportunities

We understand how important it is for clinicians to continue to expand their knowledge, access current research, refine clinical skills, and share their expertise. Regardless of where you’re at in your professional journey, you’ll be able to benefit from Zessio’s peer-to-peer opportunities.

What our Partners Say

"I need Mandi on speed dial, her advice took me from Mr. explosive communication to calm and collected. I take this course every 3 months."

Theo James

"What can I say, how do you put a price on being a better communicator? This course allows me to refresh everything I forget in 3 weeks."

Emilia Munro

"I've taken a dozen courses and have been to therapy for years on this topic alone. Mandi has some solid new exercises I've never tried."

Branden Griffiths


In the introductory period there is no cost for joining the Zessio community.
To create content on Zessio, you must have a graduate degree in psychotherapy, counseling, or a related clinically oriented field from an accredited institution. Additionally, you must be licensed and in good standing with your state’s accreditation board, or provisionally licensed and practicing legally under the supervision of a licensed and credentialed supervisor.
Licensed or provisionally licensed mental health professionals committed to increasing access to mental health resources along with clinicians looking for ways to diversify their services.

Click to review our Partner Agreement which is part of the approval process in becoming an approved Partner Creator.

If you are interested in accessing Zessio’s professional resources, along with being added to the clinician directory, click here.

  1. Create an account with Zessio.
  2. After creating an account you will be prompted to complete the Partner Application. The Partner Application will verify licensure and professional fit for upholding Zessio’s mission, values, and community guidelines.
  3. Once approved you will complete the Partner Agreement.
  4. After this process is completed you will be ready to submit an outline for your first Zessio course.

Are you ready to make a difference?

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