Zessio Partner Options

Create, share and earn by offering your unique perspective to those who could benefit.

Zoe Thomas, LPC
Adrianna Rodriguez
Bri Craig


$ 20
/ Yearly
  • Join Directory Listing
  • Access Content Library
  • Lead Community Events
  • Create & Sell Courses
  • Revenue Sharing


$ 40
/ Yearly
  • Join Directory Listing
  • Access & Contribute to Content Library
  • Lead Community Events
  • Create & Sell Courses
  • Gain 60/40 Revenue Share

Growth Partner

$ 240
/ Yearly
  • Everything in Partner
  • Create Private Therapy Resources Group
  • Utilize Public Partner Page
  • Benefit from Zessio Ads
  • Participate in Development Group
  • Gain 85/15 Revenue Share

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Common Questions

  1. Professional Member: A Professional Member is a clinician who is interested in expanding their reach and connecting with community as a clinician by being listed in the Zessio Directory. The Professional member is a clinician who may also want to access resources created by Zessio Partners for their own personal and/or professional benefit.
  2. Partner: A Zessio Partner is a clinician who wants to expand their reach by being listed in the Zessio Directory as well as increase their practice offerings by sharing their expertise in psychoeducational form be it courses, live/recorded workshops and/or presentations. Partners have access to Zessio’s user-friendly course builder and are also able to sell tickets to their events by listing them on Zessio’s community calendar. Recorded events will be added to Zessio’s store so the content is accessible leading to Partners’ ability to create passive income.
  3. Growth Partner: A Growth Partner of Zessio is a clinician who is interested in growing their offerings and wants opportunities to diversify their income. Growth Partners are interested in expanding their reach and investing in sharing their expertise. Growth Partners also want to enhance their practice offerings by adding interactive elements to the support services currently offered like with the Private Therapy Resources Group. The Growth Partner is interested in creating and sharing workshops, presentations, and courses on a frequent basis. These resources can also support clinicians and offer the chance to earn CEUs. Zessio offers additional support for Growth Partners with a monthly consultation group that helps in further orienting around the content development process, while also workshopping content ideas. Zessio also assists in the advertising efforts to help Growth Partners capture a wider audience with the content they create.
  1. Our Professional membership option is right for clinicians who want to network, get their name out there, and have access to resources to continue growth and learning.
  2. Our Partner membership option is right for clinicians interested in the same as Professional members and are also interested in beginning to create their own mental health resources with the possibility of diversifying their income.
  3. Our Growth Partner membership option is right for clinicians who are invested in diversifying their mental health-related offerings and are interested in opportunities for additional income by creating multiple mental health resources, with added support from Zessio. 

The application addresses three main components.

  1. Verify Professional Credentials and Qualifications: Each clinician provides license information along with additional professional qualifications for Zessio to verify.
  2. Assessment of and Commitment to Zessio’s Values: Some brief open-ended questions are asked to understand how clinicians support clients from all backgrounds. Additionally, when clinicians complete the application they are also committing to Zessio’s values of fostering and protecting safety, inclusivity, and belonging as well as seeking to privilege underserved, underprivileged, and underrepresented communities.
  3. Capturing Professional Contact Details for Directory Listing: As you complete your professional information, you are also completing what will become your profile for Zessio’s directory once approved.
You are welcome to begin exploring all we hope to offer by accessing Zessio’s platform with a 14-day free trial. During that time you will complete your application. Zessio has created a Partner Onboarding Process that will help acquaint you with the various options available in beginning to share your inspiration and ideas. You’ll have a step-by-step visual orientation guide offering tips and suggestions on how to get started.

We created the Zessio directory so your voice, passions, experience, expertise and who you are can be highlighted for potential clients and like-minded professionals. Each clinician listed in the Zessio directory has been approved through our application process to confirm they align with and are committed to honoring and upholding Zessio’s value of ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all identities and backgrounds.

The Zessio directory can help expand your reach with those you support. It’s also a starting point for you to connect and collaborate with clinicians passionate about increasing access to psychoeducational mental health resources.

Zessio is committed to supporting you in diversifying your income and creating additional revenue streams by crafting courses and hosting virtual learning events. Zessio has created an ecosystem that offers several features like onboarding support, a course builder, a community calendar with ticket purchasing, and a store to host all of Partner-created psychoeducational mental health resources. While Partners earn a higher percentage of revenue for their work, Zessio also earns a smaller percentage for the continual offering and maintenance of supportive and hosting services. Each Partner has access to a Partner Commission system to track revenue.

From your dashboard, the ability to submit a ticket for support is a click away. If you have Zessio specific questions, please email [email protected]

Zessio offers a 14-day free trial so clinicians are able to explore and assess how they may utilize Zessio’s offerings. Should clinicians feel Zessio’s offerings are not a good fit at this time, then the annual membership can be canceled with a refund within the 14-day free trial. No refund will be available for Professional Members, nor for Partners or Growth Partners after the 14-day free trial. However, cancellation is available such that auto renewal will not happen for the following year.

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