Zessions Podcast

Clinicians discuss a mental health challenge and talk through the way they would process it with clients and how they might aim to help. 

Getting to Know Anxiety

Trauma Informed Care & Suicidality

Navigating Grief & Holidays

Adulting 101

Navigating Family & the Holidays

The Complexity of Pet Loss—Loving & Grieving a Pet

What Support Can Look Like For Individuals Who Identify as Autistic

Pregnancy & Infant Loss

People Pleasing & Boundaries

Culturally Grounded Care for Neurodiversity

Curiosity as a Super Power in Relationships

Positive Discipline versus Punitive Discipline

Understanding EMDR

How to Prevent Infidelity or Grow After It Happens

Collectist Culture Impact On Mental Health

Black and White Thinking

Collaborative Therapy

Normalizing Postpartum Anxiety

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