Mental Health My Way

Mental Health MyWay

Mental Health My Way

Explore on your own (or with the help from clinicians if you so choose) and find your own pace toward a healthy mental place.

Clinician Directory

Search and connect with top mental health clinicians, and engage at your pace.

Self-Led Mental Health Focused Presentations & Courses

Topics that meet your needs and plenty of room to explore areas that you may be curious about.


For times when you have specific follow-up questions, we have you covered with a one-on-one consultation.

Group Workshops

Join others looking to up their mental health game in topic-focused, clinician-led workshops. 


Yes! Other Zessio members will only see the handle that you set for yourself so you can remain as anonymous as you’d like. After all, this is mental health your way. 

No problem. Please contact us to let us know what topics you would like to learn more about and we’ll add them to our roadmap.

Zessio is a platform for accessing mental health resources, training content, and general guidance, and is not a substitute for professional advice concerning your own personal circumstances.

Creating a safe, inclusive, and affirmative space for individuals of all identities is central to what we aim to do at Zessio. Each clinician who joins Zessio as either a Professional Member or Partner is required to complete an application that undergoes a review process for approval to ensure each applicant aligns with our core value of creating an inclusive and affirming space for individuals of all identities, especially those from underrepresented and/or historically marginalized communities.

Take Control of Your Mental Health

There’s no better time than the present to get started on growing yourself—for yourself and your loved ones.

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