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Confronting Addiction

Our Co-founders, Sapna Srivastava and Mandi Roarke sat down with therapist and friend, Kendall Campbell, LMFT, to understand more about addiction and here’s what we

Black and White Thinking

We are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are separate operations from our identity and there is a process to thinking – or our cognitive process.

Family being home for the holidays

Family & The Holidays

Each year therapists can sense the changing seasons not just by the weather, but also by a more consistent theme in conversations with their clients

Become A Detective With Your Reactions

Many people in relationships can find themselves stuck in cycles of repeated conflict. It feels like the same fight keeps happening over and over again.

Triggers To Grounding

You may have heard people say, “that triggered me” when they’ve had a big emotional reaction. Some people may automatically know what it means to

You are not your trauma

Disclaimer Before you read this blog, we also want to add a disclaimer here: trauma is extremely difficult and can be challenging to work through.

Introducing Zessions!

In Zessions, clinicians discuss a mental health challenge and talk through the way they would process it with clients and how they would aim to

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