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About Course

There are many layers of complexity when it comes to saying, “I do.” Marriage Prep was created to help you and your partner reflect on these layers – whether they be individual or relational. You get the opportunity to examine the key areas of a relationship that impact the overall strength & health of your relationship through guided lessons and self-led reflections. This course will help you set aside time to not only focus on your relationship but to also learn more about one another to prepare and plan for what’s ahead!

My fiancé & I completed the Marriage Prep Course provided by Mandi on Zessio and sincerely enjoyed it. Although we have been together over 3 years, and living together 2 out of those years (which these topics are covered in the course), we still felt that the course was extremely beneficial. One of our favorite parts was rediscovering Our Why’s and the things that we have been able to overcome thus far. Mandi’s course was so smooth, easy to work through, and we did it all in one night. I highly recommend taking the course, if not to get a better understanding of your spouse before marriage, but to feel your spark again is worth it. Remembering your reason Why is always so dreamy and thanks to Mandi’s course another fire was ignited in us right before our wedding. Thanks Mandi!

– Michael & Krystal Villalobos

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to understand your partner through key relational areas.
  • Begin to develop a relationship plan.
  • Gain a sense of relational areas in need of more conversation.
  • Access pre-marital resources.

Course Content

Welcome to the Marriage Prep Course, let's get acquainted with what to expect.

Our Story
Who we are and how we came to be.

Our Families
How our families shaped us and how we'll shape our family.

Our History
Past experiences and current considerations.

Our Values
What's most important in our lives.

Our Finances
Beliefs about and approach to money.

Our Intimacy
Intimacy in and out of the bedroom.

Our Home
Where you live and how you care for your shared space.

Our Conflict
How and why we fight.

Our Communication
Having the hard conversations.

Our Future
Hopes, fears, dreams and plans for the future.

Thank you for joining the Marriage Prep Course!

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