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Hello, my name is Kendall Campbell. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that specializes in helping couples communicate effectively, manage and resolve conflict, and move forward from two of the greatest challenges that can affect relationships: Infidelity and Addiction. I believe relationships of any kind can help us overcome life’s challenges and even grow through shared understanding.

During therapy I will get to know you (and your partner’s) struggles, goals, patterns, and perceptions and with this information we will work together to redefine and recreate your relationships into the healthy enjoyable ones you deserve.

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Join or listen in on a Zession with clinicians as we discuss specific mental health challenges along with accessible tips to consider in your own life. Also, access workshops or self-led courses on a mental health topic I specialize in and you’d like additional understanding and/or perspective.


Understand Addiction & First Steps to Treat It

Join us in our Zession with Kendall Campbell, LMFT in Austin, TX who specializes in working with clients in recovery.


How to Prevent Infidelity or Grow After It Happens

Join our Zession with Kendall Campbell, LMFT, to explore the many reasons why and how infidelity occurs in relationships.


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Check back for my next Zession.

Kendall Campbell

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While the main similarity between Zessions and therapy sessions is a focused conversation, Zessions are broader conversations not specific to a client and a therapist. In Zessions, experienced clinicians discuss a mental health challenge and talk through the way they would process it with clients and how they would aim to help. Just as change can take place during a therapy session by hearing things you’ve never considered, new meaning can be found by hearing how others consider and work through a commonly shared problem.

No. Workshops, Courses, and Zessions are all supplemental resources Zessio Partners are able to offer to those wanting to empower themselves on their mental health journey. These resources are psychoeducational which means they are created to provide information and support to better understand and cope with mental health challenges. Learning about what may influence your own experience can help you begin to learn how to take action with potential next steps for your mental health care. If you connect with the Zessio Partner’s approach there are additional ways to connect.

Courses are created to be pre-recorded so you are able to access them at any time in the Zessio Library. Courses can be part of your ongoing practice to check in with and care for your mental health. Workshops may have similar content to courses but they have the added possibility of live interaction with real-time Q&A with the leading Zessio Partner. Workshops are recorded so they are easily accessible in the Zessio Library to view at a later time.

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