Respond vs. React

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About Course

Decrease conflict and increase connection in your relationships. Goal setting and clear focus is part of the practice in learning how to respond versus emotionally reacting. Respond vs. React will reveal the benefits of becoming emotionally responsive in your relationships and will offer tips to help you manage the intensity of the emotional experience. You’ll gain insight into your emotional reactions while also learning practical mindful tips to help you communicate from a place of calm and intention. This course is recommended for individuals in relationships that are struggling to feel heard and understood due to constant conflict and communication breakdown.

I love how this course is set up in bite-size pieces! It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. I lost my place at one point and was able to navigate back to where I left off very easily. That was really awesome. I learned SO MUCH from this course! I actually want my partner to complete this course as well. I think it would be really beneficial for him and our relationship. I recommend this to anyone who is struggling with conflict and disconnection as a result of it!

– Laura J
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What Will You Learn?

  • How to be emotionally responsive instead of emotionally reactive
  • Why you react the way you do
  • How your body plays a role in your reactions
  • How to start responding differently
  • How to Set goals for communicating differently
  • How to make a change and accomplish those goals

Course Content


  • Welcome to Respond vs. React!
  • What to Expect
  • Course Activities & Resources
  • Reflection #1: Reaction During a Recent Argument

Psychoeducation Foundations: What’s the Difference?

Gain Insight: Why Do You React the Way You Do?

Process to Responsiveness: How to Make the Change


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